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Cancellation and refund policy

Cancellation policy

All our services are prepaid and you don't need to sign a contract: you can cancel the service after the current billing cycle. All you have to do is to stop paying and cancel any active automatic payment (e.g. paypal subscription). In this case, the cancellation of the DID number will happen when the next renewal date expires.

After a phone number is canceled, you will have still 34 days to make the due payments and reactivate it: in this period the number cannot be assigned to anyone else. After 34 days the number will be definitely dismissed and you cannot restore it. You are free to buy another number of the same country and city, but it will be a different number.

If the client changes the idea and decides to restore the number before 34 days, he has to pay for the days when it was not used.

Refund policy

You can ask for a refund in the following cases:

  • If you decide to not use our service any longer, you can ask for a refund of the prepaid credit that you haven't consumed yet (*).
  • If you purchase a number that requires registration and for which you do not meet the necessary requirements, or you are not able to provide the necessary documents (*)
  • If there is a proven case of service disruption. The refund will be proportional to the duration of the disruption.

(*) In such cases cases we will retain the transaction fees of the payments done with Paypal or credit card. This is not depending on our will; the payment processors don't refund the transaction fees for the cancelled payments.

You cannot ask a refund in the following cases:

  • The credit that you have already spent for PSTN traffic cannot be refunded
  • After a number has been renewed for the next billing period, the paid monthly fee cannot be refunded
  • If a service disruption does not depend on us (for example, our service doesn't work because of an issue with your internet provider).
  • If SMS are not received in mobile numbers. The reception of a SMS is a service that we offer for free without warranty in addition to the standard services of our DID numbers.


Important: in case the customer uses our service to commit telephone frauds or crimes of any kind, no refund will be possible. We will retain his / her funds as compensation against any cost and/or damage and/or expense and/or claim and/or demand arising out of the customer’s or end user’s use of the service in violation of the Acceptable Use of Services.


Interruption of PBX phone.systems service

By December 31, 2022, the PBX phone.system will be discontinued.

Although, until that date, phone.systems will still work for the DID numbers that are already using it, it is no longer possible to forward new numbers to phone.systems.

If you are currently using phone.systems, you can still use phone.systems until the end of the year, however you are recommended to change the call forwarding to a third party VOIP account or to a PSTN number before that date.

You can find here a list of recommended and free VOIP providers that you can use to receive calls for free: Itsp-list

Due to this disruption, you will be no longer able to make outbound calls with our system. However, you are authorized and invited to use, for this purpose, other VOIP services available on the market (for example, Dellmont providers), by registering our DID numbers as caller IDs.

We sincerely thank you for the great success that our PBX has had thanks to you in these years, and we apologize and are deeply ashamed for having been forced by our supplier to stop this service, despite our repeated invitations that we have addressed to him to desist from this decision.

Important: The break is only related and limited to phone.systems. None of the other services are affected: in particular it will be possible to receive calls on a VOIP server or on a PSTN number. The SMS receiving service is also not affected.
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