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Number portability

Number portability

The Local Number Portability (LNP) enables end-users to keep their telephone number when switching from one telecommunications service provider to another.

If in your country it is possible to subscribe a pure ISP contract (without fixed telephone line), then you should consider to port your current landline number to us. In this way you can benefit from our cheap monthly fee and calling rates, and you can carry your number with you, in every country of the world.

You can also port to us a DID number from another VOIP provider.

Our DID numbers support outbound calls to local special numbers (e.g. toll free).

If you wish to request the porting of your number now, please open this page (you will need to login if you are not yet logged in).

In case you need further information, please write us with our contact form


LNP services are not standardized and vary by country. We make every attempt to provide this service in as many countries as possible.

Our LNP team is dedicated to assisting our customers’ porting requirements. This team works over multiple time zones, ensuring the fastest processing times possible.

Porting is free for most of countries. When present, the porting fee is non-refundable and will be deducted upon porting (re)submission.

Our website shall not apply any profit margin to the porting fees.

To check if your country allows number portability, for pricing and further information, please visit https://www.didww.com/porting/


Interruption of PBX phone.systems service

By December 31, 2022, the PBX phone.system will be discontinued.

Although, until that date, phone.systems will still work for the DID numbers that are already using it, it is no longer possible to forward new numbers to phone.systems.

If you are currently using phone.systems, you can still use phone.systems until the end of the year, however you are recommended to change the call forwarding to a third party VOIP account or to a PSTN number before that date.

You can find here a list of recommended and free VOIP providers that you can use to receive calls for free: Itsp-list

Due to this disruption, you will be no longer able to make outbound calls with our system. However, you are authorized and invited to use, for this purpose, other VOIP services available on the market (for example, Dellmont providers), by registering our DID numbers as caller IDs.

We sincerely thank you for the great success that our PBX has had thanks to you in these years, and we apologize and are deeply ashamed for having been forced by our supplier to stop this service, despite our repeated invitations that we have addressed to him to desist from this decision.

Important: The break is only related and limited to phone.systems. None of the other services are affected: in particular it will be possible to receive calls on a VOIP server or on a PSTN number. The SMS receiving service is also not affected.
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