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Chilevirtual mobile phone numbers

DID mobile numbers in Chile

Buy Virtual Numbers provides DID numbers for Chile, which are able to receive SMS.

Besides, a Chile DID number can receive calls as any other landline DID number.

Chile mobile phone numbers currently offered are shown below.

Prefix City Setup price Monthly price
56-9 Mobile 0.00 USD 12.00 USD Read more about DID Number in Mobile
56-2 Santiago SMS 9.25 USD 30.00 USD Read more about DID Number in Santiago SMS

When an SMS is sent to a virtual mobile number, you will receive it at the email address that you have registered in your Buy Virtual Numbers account.

Remark 1: we need to make a manual configuration to activate the SMS capability of a mobile number. After you purchase the number, we'll send you a confirmation message, when it is ready to receive SMS.

Remark 2: we cannot guarantee that these numbers are accepted for verification SMS and we don't provide support for such usage.

Remark 3: we guarantee that these numbers can receive SMS from local mobile subscribers but we cannot provide any support for SMS that are sent from outside the country of the DID number, as it depends on international carriers on which we don't have any control.

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