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Virtual phone numbers

virtual phone numbers

What is a virtual phone number?

A virtual phone number (also called DID number) is a phone number that is not physically associated with a telephone line: all incoming calls are redirected to another number (eg your mobile phone).

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Why should I buy a virtual phone number?

Be reachable

If you buy a virtual phone number, you will be reachable at a phone number of the same town where your friends and customers live. So they will save much money when they call you. Unlike traditional PSTN phone numbers, you can bring your virtual number with you anywhere in the world.

Protect your privacy

Virtual phone numbers help protect privacy. You can use a temporary virtual number to be contacted by people, whom you do not want to give your private number

Extend your business

With virtual numbers and toll-free numbers you can extend the presence of your business in more countries, without need of opening an office on the site, and you can create a call center in any country in the world, where it it's less expensive.

Save roaming costs when you are travelling

With a virtual number you can save roaming expenses when travelling abroad: just buy a SIM from the foreign country where you are, and forward to this number the calls addressed to your virtual number.

Carry your old landline number with you

If you plan to move to another location within your country or abroad, you can convert your fixed line number into a virtual number, thanks to local number portability (LNP). In this way, you can bring your original number anywhere in the world, without losing the contacts you had with this number. More information here: Number Portability.

Get a virtual mobile number to receive SMS.

For some countries you can have a virtual mobile phone number with which, for example, you can create a secondary whatsapp account. Read more: Virtual mobile numbers able to receive SMS.


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How to buy a virtual phone number?

Buying a virtual phone number is simple and straightforward with the number order form ("Buy a number in 3 easy steps") that you find in the home page.

  • Choose country and city of your local number

  • Choose how you want to receive calls to that number (destination)

  • Indicate the destination details (number of "classic" phone, or VOIP provider account)

  • You will be guided in a couple of clicks to the payment module.

  • Within a few hours we will verify the order data and approve it. You will receive a confirmation email.

  • At this point you can see the DID number that has been assigned by opening the "My Numbers" menu in your private area. Give it to your friends, and enjoy the service!

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How much does the service cost?

The price of the service is simple, cheap and transparent

  • Monthly rental of the numbers. It starts from 2.2 USD and it depends on the country of the number. The prices can be read on this page, by clicking on the flag of each country.

  • Cost for outbound calls: it starts from 0.006 USD/minute and it depends on the called country. The rates can be found here or here

  • The service is pre-paid: no contract, no hidden fees.


The following services are free:

  • Activation of the numbers. The only exception are the toll-free numbers and very few prestigious city prefixes.

  • Incoming calls on VOIP phones / app / softphones (only if you decide to receive them on a regular phone the cost per minute is the same price as the outbound calls).

  • Usage of our virtual PBX

  • Porting of the numbers from another provider

  • Technical support

  • Reception of SMS numbers (for the numbers that are able to receive SMS - see here)


These are the cost of some special services, mainly aimed to companies:

  • Cost of the calls received on toll-free numbers. It starts from 0.03 USD/minutes. The pricelist is available here.

  • Cost of additional channels: for USA, EU and many other destinations it is 20 USD per month more one time price of 20 USD for the activation. For other countries it is 30 USD per month plus 30 USD for the activation. If you wish to know the channel price for some specific country, just ask.


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Interruption of PBX phone.systems service

By December 31, 2022, the PBX phone.system will be discontinued.

Although, until that date, phone.systems will still work for the DID numbers that are already using it, it is no longer possible to forward new numbers to phone.systems.

If you are currently using phone.systems, you can still use phone.systems until the end of the year, however you are recommended to change the call forwarding to a third party VOIP account or to a PSTN number before that date.

You can find here a list of recommended and free VOIP providers that you can use to receive calls for free: Itsp-list

Due to this disruption, you will be no longer able to make outbound calls with our system. However, you are authorized and invited to use, for this purpose, other VOIP services available on the market (for example, Dellmont providers), by registering our DID numbers as caller IDs.

We sincerely thank you for the great success that our PBX has had thanks to you in these years, and we apologize and are deeply ashamed for having been forced by our supplier to stop this service, despite our repeated invitations that we have addressed to him to desist from this decision.

Important: The break is only related and limited to phone.systems. None of the other services are affected: in particular it will be possible to receive calls on a VOIP server or on a PSTN number. The SMS receiving service is also not affected.
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